Anaesthetic Lipogels

All our anaesthetic gels have as ingredients :

- lidocaine
- tetracaine

and are contra indicated for patients with allergy to lidocaine.

There are 2 different ones :

  • one very strong with long effect duration for face
  • another one for body, not so strong as the precedent one, with effect between 1h30 an 3h00 after application.

The anaesthetic lipogel jar extra strong

for face is the strongest one of the world ( which does not mean that it is with highest concentration of ingredients like lidocaine and/or tetracaine) as the first feeling of effect appears mostly after 7-10 minutes. It is anyway recommended to begin any procedure 30 minutes after application.
Application can be done with or without occlusion.
Thanks to some ingredients , the penetration goes deep to the fascia and the duration of the effect is between 3 hours minimum to 6 hours maximum.
It can also be applied on mucosaes with respect of toxicologic and eventually adverse effects of anaesthetics.
It is recommended to aspirate with a 1 ml syringhe the anaesthetic from the jar and to apply

- 1 to 2 ml on forehead and cross feet
- 1 ml on each medium third of the face
- 1 ml on supramadibular area, each side
- 1 ml on whole inframandibular area and neck over the superior rim of thyroide cartilage.
- 1 ml for all platysma bands

For the lips 1/2 ml on each lip is more than enough. Some rhinoplasticians use also this lipogel inside the nostrils before rhinoplasty.

Indications of Use

of this anaesthetic lipogel extra strong are the followings :

  • Endopeel ( for pusillanime patients)

  • PRP 

  • Any injections using needles or cannulas

  • Threads and Sutures, Removing of Sutures

  • IPL Laser Nd Yag,Laser Hair Removal

  • Fillers

  • Botulinum

  • Peelings ( with precautions)

  • Radiofrequency

  • Piercings

  • Tatoos

  • Dermatosurgery

How to Buy it

It can be sold only to registered medical doctors,sending us by e mail or mail a prescription.
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The anaesthetic gel tube for body anaesthetic gel tube body

Anaesthetic Gel Tube Body is 2 times less powerful than the anaesthetic lipogel jar for face but it is enough for painless body procedures, except laser and IPL ( where face anaesthetic lipogel jar is recommended)

Action has a duration between 1 1/2 to 3 hours after application

Wait 1/2 hour before beginning any procedure


It can be sold only to registered medical doctors,sending us by e mail or mail a prescription.

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