rose du desert cream

Cold Cream

The cold cream needed for Endopeel Techniques is called Rose du Désert.

What is  A Cold cream & its Characteristics

Rose du Désert

is  a cold cream cosmetic preparation which can be applied on face, body, limbs, hands, feet ...
The name Rose du Désert is given because of cooling effect as a rose in a desert,acting like a natural air conditioning on the skin.

Characteristics of Rose du Désert :

- Should have optimum pH (5.5-7).
- Consistency should be optimum.
- Should not be sticky.
- Should be attractive in appearance.
- Penetration through epidermis of skin should be quick.
- Should be non-irritant and anti-inflammatory.
- Should give cooling effects anywhere applied
-Should not be visible after application 

Endopeel Indications of Rose du Désert

  • during Endopeel procedure to cool the tissues
  • after Endopeel procedures each 15 minutes for 48 hours

Other Indications for Rose du Désert

  • after sauna
  • after hot shower
  • for whole body before getting outside during hot seasons
  • on sex areas ( male and female) to avoid specific odors and to be more attractive
  • Local Anti Inflammatory

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