11.Conclusions of Histopathologic studies

  • There was no sign of necrosis during the whole study

  • There was no sign of infections in the whole study

  • The effect on the muscles with direct IM injections and with SC injections ( with a quantity 5 times superior) are similar with complete restitutio ad integrum after 7 months.

12.Immediate effect after 25-60 minutes- Study of Fukuoka.T,Minami.A,Tenenbaum.A

  • EXPERIMENT Department of Organ and System Research, Akita University, School of Medicine and YMC-Biyou Yokohama Minato and Shinjuku Clinics
  • ANALYSIS :   Sapporo pathological Research Institute Ltd.
    time 25 min 60 min
       25min  60min
    There is a desorganisation before a reorganization