• The fact that Endopeel decreases unsignificantly the amplitude of the contraction of the gastrocnemius is because the muscle is submitted to a myoplasty with tightening and lifting effect , which reduces the space in which it will contract .
  • Therefore the same muscle contracts in a tightened space, which reduces its amplitude of contraction:
    Such effect is very interesting for the facial depressors and at the difference of botulinum, which is a biological product and toxine paralysing the muscle and leading to atrophy, Endopeel paralyses nothing and keeps the muscular mass invariable reducing just the amplitude of contraction by tightening the muscular space.
  • The basic muscular tonus level increases slightly : only Endopeel can do that, even on the cadaver !
    This means that Endopeel is restituing the lost tonus of old or atrophic muscles as paralyzed ones .
    So a good not cosmetic indication of Endopeel is to apply it in case of facial paralysis.