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Face & Neck

Endopeel gives immediate results and offers an appreciated  social life to patients with those facial deformities , with a minimum duration of 6 months . Maintenance of such results need 1 session/ 6 months.



Reshaping atrophic muscles is too an excellent indication to use Endopeel.

On the picture above, just left butt has been treated on this male patient of 40 years old, having a car accident . The long recovery time has led to atrophic butts ( see the right butt untreated) .

Important to know is that Endopeel never adds volume ( it is not a filler) . With Endopeel , your trained physician can reshape the gluteal muscles just with 10 ml by side or even less !

No fillers, no threads, no enzymes, no peptones mean SECURITY.

Treatment of Scars


This 30 y old male had no results after 2 sessions of CO2 laser .
Here 1 unique session and 1 hour after beginning of procedure , some results appear. 
More sessions are needed like 1 each week or 10 days.

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