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  • What is Endopeel ?

    What is Endopeel ?

    Endopeel techniques consist of reshaping and repositioning soft tissues by non invasive methods, keeping same mass and same volume of such tissues before and after treatment.

    Such techniques are 3D, can be medical or surgical or mixed and lead to immediate results . Dr Alain Tenenbaum and Sir Mauro Tiziani are the Inventors

    The original product which is the only safe one is called Phenitia, made in Switzerland and sold as boxes of 1 or 2 or more specific bottles of 10 ml.All other products are fake dangerous copies leading to many complications as necrosis,fat embol and so on...

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    Find an Endopeel Specialist or Clinic

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    Endopeel Support

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The 2 Schools of Aging

ENDOPEEL belongs to the Gravitational School, following the basic laws of Physics.
Fillers belong to the volumetric school,created some MD.



Change or Get Changed

Endopeel changes what patient want vs what patient need

What is Endopeel ?

Example-abstract : Treatment for aged muscle structure of the lower third of the face 


During the natural aging process of the human body, several organs and tissues undergo a large anabolic phase (during the first 3 decades of life) and they soon develop into a catabolic phase, which is slower and irreversible (from the 4th to the final decades of life).
In the anabolic phase the skin is shiny, silky, has elasticity and a large turgor. There is a large volume of toned muscular mass.
The catabolic phase starts in the fourth decade of life and acceleratesin many cases during the seventh decade . In this phase there is an absence of skin sheen and the appearance of wrinkles and senile spots (the dernal layer also starts to show signs of weakness, and this occurs because of the decrease of the proteins that make up the skins elastic system, such as collagen and glycosaminoglycan / GAG).
Muscular mass loses its volume and tone progressively, causing the body to show visible signs of aging. Probably a high protein diet may be responsible for the final quality of our organs and tissues during the anabolic phase causing the body to be more resistant and durable. This high protein diet, when applied during the catabolic phase, can maintain a better skin quality and improved muscular mass.
During the past 10 years, we have endeavored to understand the consequences of the different intrinsic and extrinsic processes that alter the harmony of the movements of the muscles of the lower third of the face.

Anatomo-Physiology of the muscles of the lower third of the face

The outline of the mouth is made from a complex muscular system, where the

orbicularis oris

muscle of the mouth actively links with the

levator labii of the mouth

the buccinator ( cheek muscle),

muscles that tighten the angle of the mouth sideways

and another group of muscles that tend to depress the angle of the mouth.

The risorius muscle

acts in a secondary fashion in this muscular complex. One can easily see, by way of a systematic evaluation of these muscles, (movements such as :whistling, smiling, making a sad face, and pulling a face as if having a bitter taste in the mouth) .
Each patient can present important asymmetrical and accented depressions, caused by the exaggerated contraction of some of these muscles. 


Till today,these facial defects have been treated with facial implants (fillers) and some serious cases have been even treated using classical surgical procedures : Fillers as surgery didn t revolve the problems !


Our proposal is to demonstrate that, by way of a selective intramuscular injection, of an oily patented solution containing a mixture of Carbolic Acid with Peanut Oil Acid using endopeel technology created by inventors Dr.Alain Tenenbaum ( facial plastic surgeon) and Mauro Tiziani ( molecular biologist) , it is possible to decrease the force of one or more muscles, that are working harder and in disharmony with the other muscles in the complex muscular system around the mouth.

We believe that the mechanism that is developed, after the injection of the ,,Endopeel,, oily solution, is a selective pointed chemical reversible myolysis, limited within the injected area of the muscular mass. With preliminary tissue studies, we can see that this myolysis is totally reversible after 7 months.


We have acquired experience from more than 1000 clinical cases over the past 8 years. The majority of these patients were re-treated in the same muscles that were treated earlier. The average re-treatment period was 4-6 months, and usually, smaller doses of the patented oily solution were injected, due to the hyperfunction of the muscles movements being attenuated. The average dose per injection is about 0.05 ml and the distance between each point is approximatively 1.0 centimeter.


We found that this treatment is very efficacious as long as there is a clear and precise evaluation of the above mentioned muscle system.

World Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery

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