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History of Endopeel


Around the year 2000, Dr.Alain Tenenbaum facial plastic surgeon and Dr in Sciences (expert in signal treatment) together with Sir.Mauro Tiziani ,molecular biologist thought to invent some products and techniques where

  • the entrance signals were only chemical and eliminated completely through the feces in 24 hours
  • the exit signals would be only mechanical as   
    -a plasty of the tissues,reshaping them in the 3 D way with directions and senses the physician would choose
    -a pexy or lifting of the tissues
    -a tension giving back the lost tension of the tissues through aging
    and all this without adding or loosing volume, beeing the most conservative as possible.
  • The ,, black boxes,, between the entries and the exits should be viscoelastic elastomeres and at 1 st stage such techniques could be applied to muscles.   

                       Of course,the entries should not create damages of the tissues and should be eliminated .
    Then from 2000 to nowadays the products, the techniques as the indications, side effects, contra indications have got a big development dued to the clinical studies , which have been multicentric thanks to the help of many colleagues who invented themselves some indications in their own specialistic field ( traumatology, gynecology, general surgery,dermatology, oculoplasticians, plasti surgeons).

    Thanks to the non stop great collaboration of  Sir.Mauro Tiziani, ex red cross surgical chief nurse who studied also molecular biology ,has been emitted some hypothesis which seem to match perfectly the results of clinical studies.