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Endopeel for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Indications

face and neck with endopeel

Face & Neck

You can get a younger face after 30 minutes with Endopeel .
Endopeel is not only a scarless not surgical immediate face & neck lift but also a peeling

On this picture, compare the hand not treated, showing the real age of the patient and her face 1/2h after treatment .

body endopeel


There are many areas which can be treated on males, females , sporty people, and even after prosthesis .

Main requested indications are :

  • Butts Reshaping in 3D
  • Pectorals Reshaping in 3D
  • Six Packs Creation or Projection
  • Abdomen Lifting
  • Trapezes Reshaping 

Immediate Results are visible after 1/2 hour, without surgery and scarless .

Male Body Indications

bingo wings



  • Bingo Wings or Arm Lift
    are mostly requested by women > 40 years 
  • Biceps Projection
    are mostly requested by young or sporty males 
  • Hands Lift & Rejuvenation
    are more and more requested so that the hands dont look older than the treated face .


  • Thighs Lift
    get more requested by women of all ages
  • Post Lipoplasty Contouring
    is often proposed by plastic surgeons in case of skin ondulations as convexities post lipoplasty .

rhinoplasty with endopeel

Nose & Medical Rhinoplasty

Not surgical Rhinoplasty can be done in case of absence of trauma,malformations,respiratory dysfunctions and/or other pathologies.

Best indications are :

  • The nasal tip lifting
  • The nasal aisles narrowing ( asian or black noses)
  • The projection and narrowing of the nasal pyramide 

Such indications can be realized in 1 minute with immediate results with a 6 months duration.

No necrosis have been recorded worldwide since 20 years, at the difference of fillers and threads.

decollete skin wrinkles


Skin folds & wrinkles
are ugly and Endopeel is useful as it stretchs all the folds of the skin and cutaneous superficial muscles of the décolleté with same effect as if a shirt is ironed with amidon.