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Workshop 1 to 1 

Sharing our experiences since 2000

With the 2 Inventors



in Zürich, Switzerland or at your place.

Better at your place

Not only the techniques are important but also the selection of patients, the way to explain them what is Endopeel and the consultation . Talking to patients having different culture , social level and ethny is different in any country. That s why it s highly recommended to perform such workshop in your country.

We dont go to : Ecuador,Iran,North Korea,Palestina,Cuba,Venezuela.



make our calendars coincide

Make our calendars coincide

You need at least 2- 3 months to prepare the material, find the patient,organize the clinic. So Call us 3 months before choosing a schedule to make our calendars coincide.

check list

Check list

Material to prepare and Selection of Patients

Material to Order & Selection of Patients

  •  The Material to order has to been done at least 2 months before the beginning of the workshop . Find it in function of your selected indications material to order.
  • Selection of Patients
    - respect the contra indications- see the chosen indications you wish to learn during the workshop
  • Our Recommandation for the Minimum Material to order for a workshop
how many days

How Long - It depens of the Program you are choosing

Better to make different workshops after 1 st basic one.

Usually the 1 st workshop for beginners has a duration of 3-4 days 
Depending of the requests there are always :
- a minimum 3 days workshop for face, neck and hands
- another 3 days workshop for body 

Other workshops should be considered only after you got practise of Endopeel at least 6 months- 1 year alone in your office or clinic.

swiss banknotes

How much will it cost you

Contact Us to help you in function of your wishes and budget.

Costs vary with countries, organizators

In the costs are mostly included :

  • travel & accomodation & Food for the Inventors/Teachers
  • Covid test x Inventors/Teachers if mandatory to enter your country
  • Honorary for Inventors or Teachers 1750€/day x min 2 days
  • Material
  • Quantity of Material in function of number of participants and number of patients as Indications.
  • Costs for Renting a Clinic, Space,Cleaning Team,Nurses & Equipment.

Do you prefer to travel to Switzerland?

We can help you for finding a reasonable accomodation and if you wish after to make tourism 

Contact us